Polyarc unveils Moss: Book II for PlayStation VR

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Polyarc unveiled Moss: Book II for Sony’s PlayStation VR platform, bringing back the lead mouse character named Quill for a new adventure in virtual reality.

The original title Moss debuted in 2018 and it sold more than a million copies, which is rather an achievement for a VR-only game. As such, it is one of the greatest hits in the fledgling customer virtual reality marketplace. And that is why Polyarc is investing in Moss: Book II.

The Seattle-based VR game studio made the announcement at Sony’s State of Play occasion, but it stopped brief of saying what hardware the new game would run on, as Sony hasn’t precisely described what the PlayStation VR 2 expertise will be like just but. The announcement is sure to produce some more interest in Sony’s second virtual reality platform. Polyarc does not have a launch date but for the game.

Josh Stiksma, principal application engineer and design and style director at Polyarc, stated in an interview with GamesBeat that the game brings back Quill, the mouse who goes on a quest via a stunning fantasy landscape contained inside an old book. Quill’s kingdom was overthrown by Sarffog, a fire-breathing snake, and Quill had to rescue her uncle Argus from Sarffog in the very first title.

“We are excited about working with Sony, soon to be released on Playstation VR,” Stiksma stated. “We are excited about the future and obviously our goal is to get Moss and Quill in the hands of as many players as possible. But we’re excited about our current partnership with PlayStation VR.”

Moss: Book II

In the second game, Quill will journey deep into the hexed castle of the Arcane. Stiksma stated that the fans gave a lot of praise and helpful feedback right after playing the very first game, and one issue they wanted was a longer expertise. The original Moss took anyplace from 4 hours to six hours to play, and the new game will be at least that and in all probability longer, Stiksma stated.

“We can’t share everything about the story. But we’re really excited to advance the story,” Stiksma stated. “And also your connection with Quill. She is the central pillar of the game, and your bond with her, your connection with her, is what all of our mechanics are in service of.”

Quill continues with the revelation that a winged tyrant is hunting her inside the hexed castle exactly where her uncle was held captive. But Quill has a strategy of her personal, one that could lastly finish the merciless rule of the Arcane and save the world from a terrific unmaking.

Image Credit: Polyarc

“We’re going to actually pick up right where the game left off,” Stiksma stated. “Quill went on this heroic journey to go and slay this giant serpent Sarffog to save her uncle from the Arcane and right after that” we obtain out that the Arcane is not out of commission but.

Quill will have to tap her allies old and new to fight and escape, Stiksma stated. One of the items Quill will be in a position to do now is swap involving distinct weapons, like a new heavy hammer that she can wield.

“We are trying to push more emotional feedback from players in terms of how are you going to feel and how Quill is going to feel,” he stated. “So we’re really trying to push a broader range of emotion you. We want you to feel the triumph, we want you to feel the heartbreak. And we want you to just feel more connected with her because a lot of people see quill as a friend or a real character. And we want to try and strengthen that.”

The landscape will be hazardous, with difficult puzzles, and lots of enemies, Polyarc stated.

Not quite a few VR game studios have had a opportunity to do sequels, as VR hardware hasn’t sold as effectively as quite a few original anticipated. But Polyarc won 80 awards and nominations for Moss, and Polyarc, founded in 2015, raised $9 million to work on future titles.

The future of VR and VR development

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Image Credit: Polyarc

As for bringing Moss to 2D screens, Stiksma stated the firm is open to possibilities, but the variety of game the group is interested in producing now lends itself to virtual reality.

The group has 32 people today now,  more than double the group size for the earlier game. As for VR’s future, Stiksma stated, “I’m really excited to see all of the new technology that comes out. And it’s going to allow us to push more of the things that we’re excited about pushing, pushing physical interaction, pushing a connection with virtual characters.”

Stiksma stated it is been hard working remotely, but he’s hunting forward to acquiring Moss: Book II accomplished.

“It has been a journey. It has definitely been a completely new experience,” Stiksma stated. “We were able to get a new studio space, which thanks to COVID, we really haven’t been in. It’s been a real struggle with our playtesting, which we believe is just such an important part to getting the emotional beats and the story beats and the gameplay beats right.”

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