uses AI to create in-game soundtracks

Missed the GamesBeat Summit excitement? Don’t worry! Tune in now to catch all of the live and virtual sessions here., a first-of-its-kind adaptive audio AI platform, is using AI to streamline the process of creating and integrating music into games.

The company is aiming to revolutionize the future of in-game soundtrack creation and music as downloadable content (DLC) revenue streams. said it provides a cost-effective and efficient plug-and-play solution that streamlines the entire process of creating and integrating music into gaming content, alleviating the long-standing challenges of high costs, complexity, and time-consuming licensing procedures that have plagued traditional methods of adding music to video games. It’s not clear to me if it will eliminate music jobs in the game industry.

The platform uses proprietary adaptive AI technology to allow developers to quickly find, license, and implement music into games using PlusMusic Soundtrack, Infinite Soundtrack, and Adaptive Audio AI. PlusMusic Soundtrack is an all-in-one solution with self-serve music licensing and access to a vast and ever-growing catalog of more than 375,000 licensed tracks, with the expectation of offering over a half million licensed tracks by the end of the year.


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Infinite Soundtrack is a plug-and-play service for games, user-generated content (UGC), and metaverse creators who want to offer their users music personalization. And Adaptive AI maps music to digital experiences.

Licensing fees can reach upwards of $2,000 per minute, and the need for expensive middleware further adds to the financial burden developers face. Moreover, creators often face months of additional workload and legal complexities.’s Adaptive AI Audio (.aai) format allows music to fit natively into any digital experience, providing a comprehensive solution for personalized and immersive in-game soundtracks. Developers can use soundtracks as a backing track, allowing players to pick soundtracks. The consumption-based pricing model ensures fair and transparent costs tailored to usage and licensing fees.

The platform has already gained momentum in the industry, with 675 game developers already on the platform and 12 games released. By offering a streamlined music acquisition and partnership process, aims to become the go-to audio solution for adaptive soundtracking, licensing, and music access. provides developers with the ability to generate additional revenue streams by offering music as DLC. PlusMusic’s technology ensures that music remains adaptive to gameplay, seamlessly syncing with in-game moments and providing perfect playback. This innovation expands opportunities for music creators and developers while giving gamers unprecedented personalization, enhancing the overall gaming experience. was founded by a team of music industry veterans and AI/ML experts from Nielsen/Gracenote, with financial backing from Play Ventures and an Epic MegaGrant, and guidance from gaming/music giants like Shawn Layden and Ty Roberts.

With its transformative capabilities, wants to spark a TikTok-like revolution in the gaming industry, building bridges between games, user-generated content, and the metaverse. The platform taps into the rising demand for personalization and 42% of Gen Z gamers who favor their own music over in-game soundtracks. In its quest to become the gaming equivalent of Spotify, is building a turnkey AI-based platform featuring its cutting-edge Adaptive Audio AI, a growing catalog of more than 375,000 songs, and game plugins for Unreal and Unity.

The company has 10 people and it has raised $2.5 million to date.

Asked about the inspiration, the founders said in an email to GamesBeat, “We spent our careers in music as musicians and music business professionals and love games. We saw a big opportunity to bring the games and music industries together. There was a gap for musicians to distribute at scale into games and music licensing was too complicated and complex. We also felt like given our background and understanding of music licensing that we could help solve some of the pain points for music licensing. Technology is critical to that union.”

As for the scale of the problem they are solving, the company said, “In total, we believe that effectively bringing games and music together is a $35 billion opportunity, which includes (but is not limited to) music licensing, music as a DLC (rev share on both sides), UGC, AR/VR/XR (metaverse) and green field experiences.”

And asked if they would take jobs away from musicians, they said, “Quite the opposite actually. It is the mission of PlusMusic to make music native to digital and connect musicians’ works to the vast opportunity in digital experiences, starting with games. We are opening up a green field of opportunity to musicians by connecting the games industry as a new avenue of distribution. Traditionally, musicians didn’t have an easy way to get their music into games.”

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