PlayStation VR2 pre-orders are now available without an invitation: Report

Pre-orders for Sony’s next-generation virtual reality (VR) headset ‘PlayStation VR2’ (PS VR2) appear to be open to everyone with a PlayStation account without the requirement of a special invitation.

Pre-orders first opened last month and players had to register ahead of time and then be selected by Sony to be able to put an order in for the PS VR2, reports The Verge.

The report said players can preorder the PS VR2 headset from the PlayStation Direct website and get it within a week of its February 2023 launch.

Last month, Sony had announced that it would launch the PS VR2 on February 22, 2023, for $549.99, along with a Sense controller charging station.

The key features of the PS VR2 Sense Technology include eye tracking and 3D audio.

Additionally, the new headset features a 4000 x 2040 high dynamic range (HDR) video format, which will provide a next-generation gaming experience to the players.

For a more customised feel, the VR2 also includes an integrated vent for extra air flow and a lens adjustment dial.



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