PlayStation Portal handheld for remote play launches this year

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PlayStation announced today that it’s launching its Remote Play handheld device, the PlayStation Portal, later this year for $199. It also announced more details for its PlayStation-branded wireless earbuds, called Pulse Explore and also revealed a new headset called Pulse Elite. The two audio devices use new technology called PlayStation Link to deliver low-latency lossless audio from both the PlayStation Portal and the PlayStation 5 itself.

The company first revealed the handheld during a show earlier this year. Called “Project Q” at the time, all Sony revealed was that it was a handheld device that supported PS5 remote play with an LCD screen. The new reveal has reaffirmed this, with the device featuring an 8-inch screen between two grips shaped like halves of a DualSense controller.

Players use WiFi to link the handheld to their PlayStation 5, which allows them to play whatever games are installed remotely. The PlayStation Portal only works with games that are already installed on the connected PS5. It doesn’t support cloud game streaming, which the company is currently testing as a perk for PS Plus subscribers.

The two audio devices in the announcement are both positioned as wireless solutions that can work in conjunction with the Portal (which also has an audio jack if wireless doesn’t suffice). According to the blog post, Sony will sell a USB dongle separately from both devices that will allow users to use PlayStation Link audio with multiple consoles, switching between them as needed. The Pulse Explore and Pulse Elite do not currently have release windows, though they have prices of $199 and $149, respectively.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz