Playco acquires Goodboy for HTML5 game engine PixiJS

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Playco raised $one hundred million last year for immediate games, and now it is placing some of that revenue to use with the acquisition of Goodboy Digital, a maker of an HTML5 game engine.

United Kingdom-based Goodboy is the creator of PixiJS, a game engine used to generate games based on HTML, the lingua franca of the net. Playco hopes to use it to generate “near-console quality” games that run on any social platform, like mobile devices, desktops, and the net. Terms of the deal have been not disclosed.

Game engines are turning into strategic assets for game firms. Unity and Epic’s Unreal games engines are the very best identified, but Lucid Sight lately acquired the Colyseus game engine, and it was a huge deal when Amazon announced it would make Lumberyard into an open-supply game engine.

Playco specializes in games that are immediately played on any smartphone or Computer, and delivered more promptly, at decrease price, to more customers — with immediate updates to content and game-play features. This acquisition puts Playco in a position to generate games for any platform that raise the bar on good quality, the corporation stated.


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Image Credit: Playco

Goodboy, like Mat Groves, the technical companion and the creator of PixiJS, and John Denton, inventive companion, will join Playco to support generate Playco’s immediate games.

PixiJS is an open supply game creation engine constructed to empower developers and firms about the world to make 2D HTML5 applications that look and really feel as good quality as native content. PixiJS’s overall performance and intuitive application programming interfaces (APIs) have made it well-liked.

Goodboy Digital is digital play production companion for international clientele. PixiJS has more than 16 million developer projects.

Goodboy has 12 personnel that have now joined Playco. PixiJS will stay open supply.

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