Outlier Games announces launch of This Means Warp on early access

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Indie developer Outlier Games announced today the launch of its first game, This Means Warp. The co-op spaceship management game is now available on Steam Early Access. Jagex Partners, the publishing arm of Runescape developer Jagex, is publishing the game.

Outlier describes This Means Warp as “an intense spaceship management roguelite experience.” Players must upgrade their ship and battle enemies in real-time in the procedurally generated universe.

Paul Froggatt, co-founder of Outlier Games, said in a statement, “The Early Access launch of This Means Warp is the result of years of hard work from us here at Outlier Games, and the tireless support of our fan community. The feedback they’ve been able to provide over the course of the game’s development has been instrumental in shaping the concept and gameplay of This Means Warp, and we’re incredibly excited to share exactly what we’ve been working on.”

Robert Fox-Galassi, Jagex Partners’ lead product manager, added, “We are incredibly excited to be publishing This Means Warp. The unique fusion of multiplayer co-op and aspects of rougelite games that Outlier Games has been able to create seriously impressed our team here, and the way the studio has placed community feedback at the heart of its development process made it the perfect candidate to be the third game published by Jagex Partners.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz