OpenAI brings Canva plug-in to ChatGPT to sharpen edge in AI. Details

Artificial intelligence (AI) firm OpenAI announced that it has introduced a Canva plug-in for its AI Chatbot, ChatGPT. The plug-in lets users create visuals like banners, logos, graphics, and more quickly.

With the integration of the new plug-in, ChatGPT Plus users can create visual products for any social media platform such as Instagram, X, and Facebook, among others.

How it works?

The plug-in is currently available exclusively on ChatGPT Plus, which is the paid version of the chatbot. A user can select from various templates available, and ChatGPT will create a custom template with the given text, so users don’t have to do it manually.

The ChatGPT Plus subscription costs $20 (approx Rs 1,650) per month. The paid subscription allows users to employ the updated GPT-4 large language model to generate long-form content.

After importing an image from Canva, users can modify it easily with the right prompts and port and redirect the image back to Canva app to make further customisations. Other text-to-image generators, this plug-in doesn’t produce an image from scratch. It instead uses the templates from Cavnva to create a design required by the user quickly.

Canva upgrading its AI game

In March, Canva added AI updates to its interface to enhance the design process. The updates included tools like  Text to Image, Magic Eraser, Translate and Magic Edit. Also,  the Beat Sync feature provides seamless music synchronisation with video content. The Canva plug-in on ChatGPT makes the design process faster and more efficient.

The move to add the Canva plug-in marks the latest step by Open AI to make GPT-4 multimodal, which the firm has been planning to execute for a long time. 

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz