Nothing Phone (1) first look at ‘mechanical’ design: Transparent back, light strips, and more

Nothing has revealed the design of the Nothing Phone (1), its first smartphone, and outlined some of its unique elements, aesthetic and materials used, ahead of launch. Promo renders, shared online, don’t necessarily tell the full story which is why a new set of photographs released by the company following a “public” reveal during Art Basel in Switzerland, are just what the doctor ordered if you were craving for more.   

In these photos, we can see the Phone (1) in more natural surroundings. The phone’s unique strip earmarking the mysterious symbol that Nothing chief Carl Pei had teased while announcing it for the first time, is seen— for the first time— all lit up and everything in all its glory. This could serve as a notification and charging indictor, though we can’t say for sure yet.

A release shared with the media talks a bit more about the design. For one Nothing is calling it “mechanical” though it doesn’t necessarily mean that there would be any moving parts. The whole transparent aesthetic of the Phone (1) is built using 400 components. The outer frame is made of 100% recycled aluminum while the rest is plastic— 50% of that is made with bio-based or post-consumer recycled materials, Nothing says.

We can finally see the Phone (1) in more natural surroundings. (Photo credit: Nothing)

As for inspiration, Nothing has already confirmed that the Phone (1) is inspired by the work of artists like Massimo Vignelli who designed New York’s subway map.

“For years now, it felt like all the artists had left the industry. All we’re left with are cold, unexciting and derivative products. It was time for a fresh take,” Carl Pei, CEO and Co-founder of Nothing said in a statement, adding that the “Phone (1) was designed out of instinct, making a product for ourselves and more importantly that we would be proud to share with our loved ones. Can’t wait for people to start experiencing it.”

Like the Ear (1) earbuds, Nothing will offer a limited stock of the Phone (1) for sale between 21 June 2022 (14:00 BST) to 23 June (13:59 BST) on StockX, an online marketplace for auctioning limited-edition products.

Nothing will launch the Phone (1) globally on July 12.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz