Nintendo announces Kirby’s Dream Buffet, an eating-based party game

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2022 is the year of Kirby. Nintendo revealed the trailer for Kirby’s Dream Buffet, a four-player party title starring everyone’s favorite pink ball of joy. The new game shows Kirby — along with three differently colored compatriots — devouring a veritable mountain of cake.

If the trailer is anything to go by, Dream Buffet is inspired by the Gourmet Race minigame from Kirby Super Star. Kirby and company are competing to see who can devour most of the giant world of cake around them. The game has four rounds of gameplay, according to its eShop description.

It also appears to take inspiration from Fall Guys, as Kirby must race through obstacle courses against Waddle-Dee NPCs. The more strawberries Kirby eats as he goes, the faster he rolls. The most ravenous Kirby wins, naturally.

Given that 2022 is Kirby’s 30th anniversary, it makes sense that it’d have more than one game. Where Forgotten Land was an epic adventure, this is more of a bite-sized sweet (sorry, the trailer has made me very hungry). Dream Buffet launches in summer 2022 — which is basically now, so hopefully it’ll come out soon.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz