Nifty Games launches NFL Clash head-to-head mobile game

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Nifty Games has launched its NFL Clash head-to-head mobile game about the world. It hopes to locate a new sort of sports fan who prefers action and does not have the patience for simulation games.

Nifty Games not too long ago raised $38 million in new capital for the launch. About $26 million comes in the type of an investment led by Vulcan Capital, even though $12 million comes in the type of debt financing. Much of that revenue will go toward acquiring new customers, stated CEO Jon Middleton in an interview with GamesBeat.

Nifty couldn’t have dreamed about obtaining that sort of war chest for the launch when it began in 2018. But given that that time, we’ve gone by means of a pandemic in which games have seen a large surge and a venture funding boom. And for Nifty, Peter Moore (the former head of the Xbox and Sega of America enterprises) joined the Lafayette, California-based business as a board member.

The game was in testing in markets like the Philippines, Brazil, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and ultimately Canada. The group refined the feedback for more than a year.


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Since the NFL season is going powerful, Middleton stated it is a fantastic time to launch it.

“We thought it was a perfect time to capture the fan base, given we have something new to play for the first time in maybe 15 years,” he stated. “We’ve got a great little thing going here. It was great to have the NFL license right out of the gate. We’re voyaging into the land of giants, with the guys that are out there making the big sports simulation games. But we’re pretty confident with our spot in the game world.”

Image Credit: Nifty Games

Inspired by titles like Supercell’s Clash Royale and competing alongside titles like Playdemic’s Golf Clash, Nifty focused on its rapid-session, head-to-head sports mobile games. And Middleton stated the business got a lot more excited when it picked up licenses from the NFL and the NFL Players Association.

The business has raised more than $50 million to date, creating it one of the most effective-funded mobile game startups. Middleton and former Universal games exec Pete Wanat began the business in 2018, and it now has 40 personnel. It has also contracted art out to other overseas firms.

The business is also working on a basketball game and it has license agreements with the National Basketball Association (NBA), and National Basketball Player Association (NBPA). The purpose is to create out a slate of sports games, and Middleton stated that more are coming.

As for the competitors, In June, EA agreed to acquire Playdemic, the maker of Golf Clash, for $1.4 billion. It also paid $2.4 billion for Glu, whose portfolio consists of MLB games. And Zynga, headed by former EA execs Frank Gibeau and Bernard Kim, purchased StarLark, the Chinese developer of Golf Rivals for $525 million. That deal is closing today.

That suggests we’re going to see a sort of battle royale in the rapid-play sports titles industry.

I asked board member Moore if the sleeping giants had awoken. And Moore stated they have been nonetheless “wiping the sleep out of their eyes,” as Nifty Games was virtually prepared to ship its titles even though the other people have been just receiving began.

Cover athletes

Nifty Games has an NFL license for NFL Clash.

Image Credit: Nifty Games

Although mobile games do not have covers, the business has cover athletes anyway. They are the NFL quarterbacks Josh Allen and Kyler Murray. Fans will be in a position to decide on from amongst all of the NFL players to generate their personal unbeatable teams. Overall, the game has more than 120 existing players and previous players from just about every group.

“We don’t have the marketing budgets to really attract these kind of guys,” Middleton stated. “It’s really more about they like what we’re doing.”

The no cost-to-play game is obtainable in the iOS and Google Play shops.

“The NFL is thrilled to partner with Nifty Games on the worldwide launch of NFL Clash,” stated Rachel Hoagland, vice president of gaming and esports for the NFL, in a statement. “Knowing the enormous love for video games among our fanbase and the ever-growing popularity of mobile gaming, NFL Clash will truly resonate with our audience.”

And Allen stated in a statement, “I’m a big gamer, so being selected as a featured player for NFL Clash is awesome. This game is quick to play, with its head-to-head gameplay and easy to pick up, and makes for some fun and fierce competition.”

In the game, one human player will square off against a further in rapid-session matches. All 32 NFL teams are represented in their personal 3D stadiums. Players deal with person gameplay for unique skills by position, unit distinct moves for offense, defense, unique teams and pre-snap player motion. Players can engage in pre-set play calling or play a unique practice mode. They can also take benefit of day-to-day in-game shop delivers and events.

“We’re going to connect more and more with what’s going on in the games on the field, on a weekly basis, with our events,” Middleton stated. “Then you’ll see us expand more with more games coming. We’re just excited to get the first one out, like sending your first kid off to school. It’s 95% anxiety and 5% excitement. We’re swinging above our weight and we’re excited to do it.”

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