Netflix to ultimately let customers to stream partially downloaded content, but there is a catch

Netflix: Netflix to let customers to stream partially downloaded content! Netflix has been one of the preferred OTT platforms of customers, due to its in depth library of titles. However, there has for lengthy been a user complaint about the truth that Netflix did not let customers stream content that is partially downloaded, creating customers wait till the content was entirely loaded prior to they could start watching the episode or the film, even as some of its competitors did not have such a requirement. Due to this, customers attempting to stream content whilst obtaining negative world wide web connection, specially at airports, have been generally left disappointed and frustrated.

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However, now, the platform has seemingly taken cognisance of the lengthy-standing demand and has announced that it would be enabling customers to start off streaming content even although it has not been downloaded entirely so far. There is a catch although – this feature is only getting rolled out to Android customers. At least for now. People making use of the Android Netflix app on phones and tablets would get to take pleasure in streaming partially downloaded, whilst it appears like the iOS customers would have to wait longer as the feature would be tested for Apple devices in the coming months.

Apart from this, Netflix is also going to be testing its ‘Downloads For You’ feature on iOS devices quickly. The feature, which had been launched for Android customers in February this year, automatically downloads advised titles based on the viewing history of the customers. While Android customers have been the only ones enjoying this feature, iOS may well get this feature quickly as effectively, if the testing outcomes in positive response.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz