Netflix reveals new Dragon Age and Tekken animated series

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Netflix revealed during its final day of Geeked Week that it’s working on several more game-to-TV show adaptations. These include Dragon Age: Absolution, Sonic Prime, and Tekken: Bloodlines, as well as a few looks at other shows.

Dragon Age: Absolution is an animated show set in the country of Tevinter. If that sounds familiar, it’s because it’s also the confirmed location of the in-development Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. It’ll be a six-episode series, and will feature several staples of the series, as well as “other special surprises.”

Tekken: Bloodlines, also animated, will follow a few storylines from the games. According to Tekken godfather Katsuhiro Harada, it will in part follow the story of Jin Kazama’s mother, Jun, and how she raised him. Other characters who appear in the clips include Heihachi, Kazuya, King, and Paul Phoenix.

We also got a first look at Sonic Prime, though you don’t see much other than Sonic encountering Big and Froggy. In addition to the new announcements, we also got new looks at Cuphead (the show), the third season of Dota: Dragon’s Blood, and a peek at the already-announced Castlevania: Nocturne, which stars Richter Belmont. Earlier this week, Netflix also revealed more details about its Resident Evil adaptation, which will take place across two separate timelines.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz