Nearly 400 sickos have beaten Baldur’s Gate 3 already

Today, Larian Studios shared a ton of interesting player stats for Baldur’s Gate 3, the seriously massive RPG boasting over 10,000 unique endings and 174 hours worth of cutscenes. Those stats included class / race breakdowns, total number of hours played, and how many times players have pet the dog. Let’s take a look at what y’all were getting up to.

Slight spoilers for Baldur’s Gate 3 to follow.

According to Larian, the most popular race is half-elf aka “spicy human” and the most popular class is paladin. More interestingly, players have spent a combined total of 88 years in the character creator. That’s a lot of time, so I have hope that players are making more than just a basic human like most did during the early part of Early Access.

In Baldur’s Gate 3 you can play as a custom character or as one of the pre-made origin characters who also function as your party members. Ninety three percent of folks made their own characters but I was actually surprised to see that Gale was the most popular pick for origin characters. Gale isn’t that interesting to me as the whole “I’m smart and I talk a lot” bit hasn’t done anything for me since Peter Dinklage in Game of Thrones. Gale’s also a bit of a fuckboy, because how do you fumble the literal goddess of magic? As a sorcerer, I’m mad at him on her behalf. Gale, in addition to being the most popular origin character, is also a very popular at killing players, coming in at 7th for cause of player death. Always remember to sculpt those spells kiddos.

Also Lae’zel is so slept on that not only was she the least chosen origin character, Larian even spelled her name wrong. I’m not fond of her pissy, aggressive, and often times racist attitude, but after I managed to settle the beef between her and Shadowheart, she’s grown on me… But not so much that I took her up on her “I want to taste you” come on. Romance me first girl.

And speaking of romance, apparently 100,000 players have been rejected by Astarion. Astarion! How repulsive do you have to be to be rejected by the biggest sl — err — free loving character in the game? It’s likely because he doesn’t like goody two-shoes which apparently most players are.

Sixty-five percent of players chose to save the Druid’s Grove which Larian classifies as a “good” option. I’m partly annoyed that I saved those cheapskates too. After I saved their leader Halsin, I was supposed to receive a reward. Problem is, I had already had the reward — a rare spear — because I spent hours trying to pickpocket one of the druid leader to swipe a key that opened a curious locked door I found. If I had instead been patient, I could have saved myself from going through all that heartache.

But for all the weird but interesting stats — like how 815,000 NPCs were shoved into chasms, equalling one for every concurrent player on Steam during the game’s peak last Sunday — there’s one stat thats seriously concerning. From Larian’s blog,

“During the launch weekend, you played a combined 1225 years of Baldur’s Gate 3 – almost as long as it took to make it. And 368 of you managed to finish it within that 3-day weekend.”

What?! You mean three hundred and sixty-eight living, (debatably) human souls have beaten Baldur’s Gate 3 in three days?

Larian didn’t include any further detail as to how those people accomplished such a feat but I have to imagine it involved a lot of skipped fights and lucky stealth and/or persuasion checks. As for the rest of us, it’ll be a long time, if ever, that we’ll see the end of this game. Personally I don’t plan on seeing the end any time soon, I’m loving this far too much.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz