Naiad is a relaxing and colorful river adventure

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HiWarp showed off a cute indie game called Naiad at the Day of the Devs event today.

The game is a relaxing and colorful exploration adventure about floating down a river.

Naiad is a kind of river nymph who Interacts with lots of adorable friends like fish, ducks, frogs, rabbits, snakes, crocodiles, and more. As Naiad, you have to sing to regenerate the flora and discover little secrets.

You have to solve puzzles and get around obstacles and dangers to restore a balance to nature. Humans control the river flow, creating their own fake rivers. Water symbolizes life, and it starts to turn darker. You have to sing to bring it back.

The game is coming to the consoles and the PC by the end of the year. It’s being made by Elwin, a solo game developer in Spain.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz