More feature enhancements? WhatsApp most likely working on player to play voice messages even when user exits chat

WhatsApp: WhatsApp has been introducing a slew of features lately, and now it has been reported that the immediate messaging app is upgrading its voice messages feature as properly. Rumour has it that the feature on its platform is becoming upgraded to a international voice message player which could permit customers to listen to voice messages when seeking at their current chats. It has been mentioned that the feature is in beta testing at the moment. Apart from this, rumour mill has also churned out the news that the Facebook-owned platform is starting to roll out the updated Disappearing Messages feature, which would let customers select durations out of 24 hours, seven days and 90 days solutions, to beta customers in iOS.

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As per the data accessible, the platform is testing a player that would let customers continue to play any voice message they get from a user even when they leave that chat, a drastic alter from the existing feature that stops playing the message not only when a user leaves the chat but even when one thing comes close to the sensor (even though it is not fairly however recognized how the latter would be impacted by the upgraded player).

Let us break down what we know about this feature so far. With the new feature, if correct, after a user opens a chat and begins playing a voice message they get, they could exit the chat and the voice message would grow to be pinned to the leading of the screen on the home screen as properly as other screens on WhatsApp. This way, if a user has received a extended voice message, they would be capable to go by means of other chats as properly as other sections of the app (not fairly sure about the Stories section even though). It would also give the user the selection to pause or close the voice message correct from what ever screen they have opened in the app with out needing to go to the concerned chat.

It is mentioned that the feature was spotted when the new beta release WhatsApp for iOS was becoming created, but it has not however been released. It is also believed that the feature would also be made accessible for Android along with iOS more than time. Since the feature is in development mode at the moment, there are many queries that are unanswered, like whether or not the message would continue to play if a user have been to exit the app (even temporarily) or would it be like YouTube, exactly where mere switching of apps leads to the video stopping.

However, these queries are most likely to be answered in time as and when (if at all) this feature is released for beta version.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz