Mobalytics enlists esports stars in quest to be your League of Legends companion

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Mobalytics has teamed up with two esports stars to aid market its gaming companion app for League of Legends.

Under the partnership, the esports content creators Nick “LS” DeCesare and Tim “Nemesis” Lipovšek are becoming portion owners of the firm. This is the sort of partnership that you can anticipate to see more of as firms take benefit of each the gaming experience and advertising energy of esports stars and influencers.

The Santa Monica, California-based Mobalytics lately rebuilt all of the core features of its analytics and statistics app with a focus on good quality, speed, and efficiency, stated cofounder Amine Issa in an interview with GamesBeat. And it boosted usage.

“They’re two very large presences in the League of Legends community,” stated Issa. “They are going to be a part of our team and our product and really help us reach more players and more different populations of players. They’ve done a lot of work in the community, and we’ve been looking forever for high profile partners like them.”


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The partnership with LS, a coach and analyst for League of Legends and Nemesis, a former Fnatic esports player and now complete-time content creator, will bring them into an ownership group that consists of T1, Almaz Capital, HP Tech Ventures, Cabra VC, GGV Capital, General Catalyst, RRE Ventures and Axiomatic.

“LS really gets what we’re trying to do and wants to get behind our mission,” Issa stated. “He doesn’t just deliver value to our players. He helps us evaluate the features and figure out what players need. He has such a broad range of experience. And he’s been a coach. He’s been an analyst. He’s been a commentator. He’s worked with several different professional teams.”

By bringing a qualified esports coach and pro player onto the group of game authorities, Mobalytics aims to use their backgrounds to upgrade the platform. LS and Nemesis will contribute to the style and development of new tools and features for hardcore-ranked players and qualified teams. This builds upon features such as the Gamer Performance Index (GPI) which has been employed for player assessment in Riot’s Scouting Grounds and North American amateur ecosystem.

Image Credit: Mobalytics

“Nemesis is a professional player who is at the top of his game now,” Issa stated.

CEO Bogdan Suchyk stated in an interview with GamesBeat that they will all work on the next set of features for Mobalytics collectively. The aim is to use the information of LS and Nemesis to aid millions of players about the world polish their gaming capabilities.

In addition to collaborating with Mobalytics in building new features, LS and Nemesis will each continue to generate content on their respective channels.

“Our best qualitative measure of the app is that high-profile people in the industry are using it,” Issa stated.

In June 2020, Mobalytics raised $11.25 million in funding.

“They can help us make a robust service and really raise awareness on what what it we’re doing,” Issa stated. “They will add legitimacy into the lead community for us.”

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