Microsoft will let you set up Windows 11 on older PCs but there is a large catch

Microsoft has warned that it would withhold Windows 11 updates and even safety patches from customers who instal an ISO file to upgrade to the most up-to-date version of Windows, The Verge reported.

The tech giant had previously stated it would not block millions of customers with older CPUs from installing Windows 11, and had recommended downloading and manually installing the ISO file.

While the business did not mention the caveat for the duration of its original briefing, Microsoft has because told The Verge that it would withhold Windows Updates and even safety and driver updates from unsupported PCs.

It’s fairly probable all this is empty noise from Microsoft. The business has normally extended help, which includes absolutely free patches, even soon after shelving an operating program. It is probably that Microsoft is discouraging folks from pondering that it would supply warranty and technical help for each Computer configuration in order to prevent legal challenges in the future.

The refusal of Microsoft to situation a clarification suggests it is pleased for customers to take its ‘threat’ to heart.

The organization side of the threat also can not be discarded. After all, Microsoft is a multinational business with a ubiquitous presence in the private pc space. It would want as several customers to upgrade their systems to make use of the new operating program. Microsoft floated the notion of a loophole to placate some of its vocal customers who are unwilling to surrender their old hardware. However, if that loophole got in the way of the business creating a handsome profit, it is inside its rights to make that loophole much less appealing.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz