Meta and LG working together on Apple Vision Pro competitor: Details here

Meta is working with South Korea’s LG to bring Apple Vision Pro competitor, according to a news report on 9to5mac. Unveiled earlier this year, the Apple Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset that is set to debut in 2024. Meta has a Quest line of virtual reality headsets, which it plans to expand together with LG to take on newcomers such as Apple in the mixed reality headgear market. The first product from the partnership is expected to arrive either late in 2024 or early 2025.

Meta could source display and other components from its subsidiaries such as LG Innotek. The headgear interface and other software are expected to be designed and serviced by Meta. As for the pricing, the low-end headset could be $200, and $2,000 for the high-end headset. The current Meta Quest Pro costs $999.

Apple Vision Pro: Details

Apple’s Vision Pro has a micro OLED display of resolution higher than 4K for each eye. At the product unveiling earlier this year, Apple called it a spatial computing device. The headgear can capture spatial photos and videos, which are said to have “incredible depth”. Apple Vision Pro can take 3D photos and record 3D videos, which are laced with incredible depth. It boasts 12 cameras, five sensors, and six microphones for advanced gesture and voice recognition. It runs on M2 chip together with a new Apple R1 chip, which processes and renders the images captured by the cameras in real time.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz