Logitech’s new laptop stand and keyboard folds down into a cute little box

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Logitech’s Casa Pop-Up Desk is the company’s new attempt to offer a neat and ergonomic desk setup that can be easily folded away at the end of the day. For £179 (around $227, though Logitech is yet to confirm a US release), you get the laptop stand itself, as well as a wireless keyboard and trackpad that tuck inside of it.

Although it’s almost certainly cheaper to put together the same setup more cheaply with accessories from different manufacturers, the appeal of the Casa Pop-Up Desk is how neatly everything fits together when not in use. You’ve got your “Casa Keys” wireless keyboard and your “Casa Touch” touchpad, and they’re designed to fit inside the “Casa Book” laptop stand when you pack everything away at the end of the day. The stand also includes an additional storage slot, which Logitech says fits things like charging cables or stationary. 

Once packed away, the stand can go on your shelf next to other aesthetically pleasing things.
Image: Logitech

The Casa Pop-Up Desk is available in off-white, rose, and green / graphite in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. We’ve checked in with Logitech to see when it might get a wider release, including in the US.

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