Logitech partners with BIPOC creators to bring down racial barriers

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Logitech has announced it is partnering with Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) creators to assistance them overcome challenges to succeeding in video game content creation. It is also supplying matching funds to donate to charities highlighted by the creators.

The partnerships with choreographer JaQuel Knight and other creators will assistance address racial inequality throughout #Creators4BIPOC month.

Logitech and Knight will assistance 10 creators safe copyright of their choreography, paving the way for BIPOC creators to personal and monetize their creations.

Knight is identified as the initial pop/hip-hop choreographer to copyright his dance moves — like the moves in Beyoncé’s Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) video.

UrbanBohemian, a creator on Twitch, spoke in a statement about the challenge of becoming a BIPOC creator.

“Having to deal with the legacy of an uneven playing field. ‘Working twice as hard to be half as good,’ is a trite phrase, but it’s true,” stated UrbanBohemian. “Our talent and ability are often overlooked, except for the one cultural history month a year where people remember we exist. And even then you’re made to feel as though you’re competing with other BIPOC for the same opportunities when those opportunities should be available all the time and should recognize our talent.”

Logitech is also bringing collectively more than 50 creators to amplify underrepresented voices. In addition, Logitech is committing $250,000 to match funds raised by creators for nonprofit organizations that are explicitly focused on racial equality and justice.

“Being treated the same, not held to different metrics or having it assumed your content is only for other Black and POC creators, viewers, etc.,” stated Twitch streamer Tanya “CypherofTyr” DePass in a statement. “Realizing I’m just as good as others without having to do 3-4-times the work just to be seen. Also, being paid fairly vs. what others get offered.”

The #Creators4BIPOC initiative is led by Logitech For Creators, a brand extension of Logitech that exists to empower all creators to pursue their passions.

Erin Chin, the chief promoting officer for Logitech For Creators, stated in a statement that creators are shaping culture and driving transform. The work will place creators at the heart of Logitech as it tries to make a more inclusive and just world, Chin stated.

Too normally, BIPOC creators do not acquire their due credit or economic compensation for their inventive work, Logitech stated.

“There’s this huge misconception that Asian Americans and Asians in general just don’t encounter racism, when that’s not true at all,” stated Twitch streamer Snowlit. “There’s this mythical concept of the Asian community being ‘model minorities’ that have ‘overcome racism’ and become universally successful via assimilation, and it just feeds into the misconception. It’s a challenge to constantly try to have thick skin against harassment, being both an Asian American and a woman.”

Image Credit: Logitech

Logitech For Creators, which brings collectively Blue Microphones, Streamlabs, and Mevo, will launch conversations more than social media this month with a range of creators as they raise funds for more than 20 nonprofit organizations fighting for racial equality and justice.

  • Creators @Snowlit, @MiladyConfetti, @scarzig, and other folks, will be hosting fundraising streams on Twitch via Streamlabs Charity, in assistance of the Asian Mental Health Collective, Black Girls Smile, The Bail Project, and WeXL Org.
  • Logitech will be fund matching up to $250,000 via the Logitech Cares Donor Advised Fund (DAF) at Tides Foundation.
  • Creators Elise Swopes (@swopes), Leah Thomas (@greengirlleah), and other folks will be sharing exclusive stories and encouraging their followers to join the #Creators4BIPOC movement.
  • ● Visual artist and activist Aundre Larrow (@aundre) is directing a Super 8 film about creators locating their voice with audio recorded on Blue Microphones, highlighting Makeda Sanford (@ohmakeda) and Justin Wee (@djdumpling).

Now in its second year, #Creators4BIPOC is a movement initiated in 2020 by Streamlabs to assistance address racial inequality via a $1 million minimum in donations to BIPOC charities more than the next ten years.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz