LG launches wearable air purifier to ensure clean air for the user

As air pollution knocks at the doors of millions in north India with the onset of festive season, those suffering from respiratory ailments are once again looking for places to hide and devices that can help them navigate the upcoming bad spell of air.



To help address their concerns, LG Electronics has launched a unique wearable air purifier that helps the user enhance breathing and ensure clean air.

Called ‘LG PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier’, the wearable is equipped with a set of HEPA Filters, Dual Fans, IPX4 technology, and much more to help with quality air purification.

The product is available in two colours — Ocean Black and Creamy White — and starts from Rs 20,990 in the country.

Let us see if this wearable will help you breathe easy this winter.

LG Wearable Air Purifier offers a seamless and ergonomic design, providing a comfortable fit for day-long use.

Equipped with a set of HEPA Filters, LG Wearable Air Purifier provides thorough purified air everywhere on the go.

The wearables are designed with Dual Fan which helps to enhance the user’s breathing.

It may look a bit tacky on the face (as we are not used to seeing people wearing devices right on their faces unless it is a traditional mask) but it offers several health benefits.

The Puricare wearable air purifier’s face guard uses medical grade silicon that has been thoroughly checked for safety.

The innovative air purifiers have a built-in chargeable battery that can last up to eight hours in low mode.

The device can be worn outside, even on rainy days as it is available with the IPX4 technology.

The technology ensures that the product is water and sweat-resistant.

The Built-in Mic feature resolves all the issues related to low voice while answering a phone call or talking to others

The all-new LG wearable air purifier is compatible with Bluetooth smart apps.

It enables the user to keep track of product usage, breathing information, and activity map.

Conclusion: As Diwali approaches, so does the fear of air pollution. Going out of home while wearing this air purifier will only be advisable as this gives day-long fresh air without any hassle.



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