LG is price-slashing 2022 OLED TVs at Best Buy

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The C2 in today’s deal features one of LG’s “Evo” panels that boasts a higher brightness level than its previous-generation panel. | Photo by Chris Welch / The Verge

At Best Buy, a host of LG electronics are seeing a discount through Saturday. This includes a few of its 2022 OLED TVs, some of which have received bigger price drops than I’ve seen occur before. Starting with the deal that’s the best value in terms of size and specs, LG’s 55-inch B2 OLED is $999.99 (originally $1,599.99). For context, Amazon is selling it for about $300 more at the time of publishing.

The B2 is LG’s midrange model; it has more features than the A-series OLED, but not as many as the C2 Evo model. Even so, movie, TV show, and gaming enthusiasts should find nearly everything they’re after with the B2, including a virtually infinite contrast ratio, the deepest of black color presentation, and a 120Hz refresh rate panel. On…

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