Know about WhatsApp’s privacy feature for private conversations

Meta has added a new feature to its instant messaging platform WhatsApp that is intended to make it easier to keep conversations more private. Called ‘Chat Lock’, the feature allows users to lock specific chats using either a password or biometric authentication. This new feature was announced by Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Monday.

WhatsApp said notifications from locked conversations would not display the name of the sender or the actual message, which can only be accessed post-authentication. “We think this feature will be great for people who have reason to share their phones from time to time with a family member or those moments where someone else is holding your phone at the exact moment an extra special chat arrives,” the company said in a blog post.

While there has been an option to lock the entire application using biometrics or a PIN code, the ‘chat lock’ feature is a new addition to the privacy and security features on the platform that provides an added level of protection to private messages. Even if someone manages to access the user’s phone, these locked messages will remain confidential.

WhatsApp said that additional customisations will be added to the Chat Lock feature in coming months. “Over the next few months, we’re going to be adding more options for Chat Lock, including locking for companion devices, creating a custom password for your chats so that you can use a unique password different from your phone’s,” Meta wrote.

WhatsApp already has several security features, such as encrypted chat backup, disappearing messages, and end-to-end encryption, among others.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz