Kinetix combines AI and 3D animation to automate user-generated emotes for games

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Kinetix is combining 3D animation and AI to automate the process of creating user-generated emotes for video games and virtual worlds.

The launch of Kinetix today signifies a way for users to express themselves better in gaming and the metaverse, the Paris-based company said.

The Kinetix generative AI-powered platform and no-code editing tools enable users, creators, video game makers, metaverse platforms, and brands to create and edit animated 3D content in seconds. This democratizes the process of creating custom 3D animated content, extending to millions of people a skill set that was previously limited to a few thousand trained artists and animators.

Kinetix emotes tackle the challenge of limited self-expression in gaming and metaverse worlds. Emotes are animations that can express emotion in video games and virtual worlds, such as dances, celebrations and gestures. Uniquely, emotes made with Kinetix can work in any avatar-based video game or metaverse, and fit effortlessly into any virtual environment from hyper-realism to voxel blocky worlds.


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“We want to champion a new standard for self-expression in video games and metaverse worlds by opening up the creation of emotes,” said Yassine Tahi, CEO of Kinetix, in a statement. “Our emotes are live now for anyone to create, marking a true watershed moment for digital self-expression and our mission to humanize the metaverse.”

Kinetix lets you create emotes without knowing coding.

He added, “A once in a lifetime concert without dancing, or a drag queen show without ‘Death Drop’, are missed opportunities for self-expression, realism, individuality, and human connection. We invite everyone to embrace this new trend by playing with our easy-to-use, no-code platform and trying out their best moves on their favorite character or avatar.”

Creators can own their emotes by taking up the option to “mint” them on the Kinetix platform: transforming them into digital assets called Emote NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

With the Kinetix marketplace, creators can then promote and monetize their work and receive 95% of the sale price, creating a fairer revenue model, the company said. Brands and IP owners can also use Kinetix tech to make custom emotes. In November 2022, Kinetix teamed up with TF1 and BBC Studios to launch an exclusive collection for international TV show “Dancing With The Stars.”

The company was founded in Paris in 2020 by Tahi and CTO Henri Mirande, and Kinetix has a team of 45. Earlier this year, Kinetix raised $11 million in seed funding in a round led by Adam Ghobarah, founder of Top Harvest Capital, with participation from Sparkle Ventures, and multiple virtual world platforms and successful entrepreneurs.

Kinetix already has established partnerships with leading and emerging virtual worlds including Roblox, The Sandbox, Zepeto, Decentraland, and PolyLand.

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