Instagram introduces feature to manage sensitive content in ‘Explore’ tab: Everything to know

Instagram: Photo-sharing platform Instagram will now let users decide how much sensitive content they wish to see under the ‘Explore’ tab of the app. The announcement was made by Instagram’s parent app Facebook on Tuesday. The Explore tab shows posts, videos, Reels, and so on to customers based on the content they have previously liked and their interests that the algorithm has picked up, also enabling them to choose the content they see from categories like meals, art, travel, and so on. However, now, the app is finding a new feature that Facebook is calling the Sensitive Content Control.

The feature aims to let customers have the manage more than the kind of sensitive content that they see, providing them the energy to adjust whether or not they want to see more or significantly less of a specific kind of sensitive content which does not definitely break the guidelines of Instagram, but could be an situation for some persons, like posts that are suggestively violent or sexual.

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In a post, Facebook stated that the feature was becoming introduced mainly because it realised that the preferences of all persons differed.

TheSpuzz checked and identified that the feature is readily available in India, and it can be accessed in Settings, below the Account tab. In this tab, customers would discover the ‘Sensitive Content Control’ alternative, upon clicking which, they would discover 3 possibilities. The default is ‘Limit’, which is a medium restriction, and this can be liberalised by deciding on the ‘Allow’ alternative or made stringent by choosing the ‘Limit Even More’ alternative.

The feature has come immediately after a lot of efforts have been made by the Facebook-owned platform to regulate and police the problematic or dangerous content on the platform and has previously introduced features like turning off comments or restricting comments for customers who on a regular basis face abusive or dangerous comments.

Apart from that, the app has also offered customers the alternative to mute stories or posts of customers they stick to in case they discover their content offensive or provocative, and it also does not move messages from persons a user does not stick to to their key folder in the direct messages, alternatively maintaining it in requests, so that the user does not see it if they do not want to, and even if they do see it, they do not want to reply considering the fact that the other user would not know if their message has been seen or not.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz