Innovation interface: Teaming up with Microsoft Teams

Creating an atmosphere exactly where staff can do their ideal work and redefining the employee knowledge with collaboration tools has grow to be a essential priority for organizations as they embrace hybrid working models. Microsoft Teams enables people today not just to meet, chat, get in touch with, and collaborate with their teams, but also serves as a platform that brings with each other apps and workflows to assist get work carried out.

Till date, more than 800 Teams apps have been published by independent application vendors (ISVs) across the world. Integrated with Microsoft Teams, these apps are assisting firms drive higher throughput, resilience, and agility, and enhancing employee productivity, across regions such as sales, client engagement, and solution and service innovation.

Microsoft Teams is created as a surface exactly where partners can interweave capabilities. It empowers partners to produce revolutionary, productivity-enhancing options that attain people today exactly where they are and match the desires of consumers in this evolving atmosphere. “When ISVs build on top of our technology, the flywheel of innovation begins gaining momentum,” says Geeta Gurnani, Country Head, Modern Work, Microsoft India.

ISVs are accountable for a massive majority of application apps constructed on third-party platforms and are amongst the most significant catalysts for development in cloud adoption. “Our ISV partners can reach millions of cloud customers with Microsoft’s commercial marketplace for organisations to find, try, buy, and deploy apps or services.

Integration with Microsoft Teams provides a platform for them to catapult discoverability to 145 million users who are actively using Teams daily,” she says. “We are proud to have such a strong and thriving ecosystem of ISV partners who are continuously pushing the bounds of innovation with the solutions they’ve built on Microsoft Teams.”

Here are some of the apps created by Microsoft’s ISV partners that are operating on Microsoft Teams and are empowering the workforce in the new normal:

Make just about every voice count: SurveySparrow aids organizations facilitate productive workplace engagement. Using the app, organizations can run everyday stand-up meetings or weekly reflections, conduct 360-degree assessments and track employee engagement. It acts as a single method to track just about every interaction across the organisation. With an more than 50,000-sturdy client base, SurveySparrow has unlocked boost in employee engagement. “Our objective was to ensure seamless engagement and maintain high efficiency levels among employees. With our end-to-end experience management platform on Microsoft Teams, we are helping organisations facilitate productive workplace engagement,” says Shihab Muhammed, founder &amp CEO, Survey Sparrow.

Search and share: Whatfix Assist offers customers access to important content from inside Microsoft Teams and eliminates the need to have to search and share from distinct areas. An in-app knowledge, Whatfix Assist aggregates distributed content from a number of repositories into a central place and enables customers to search and share content with other folks. “We are proud to be one of the first digital adoption platforms on Microsoft AppSource to offer an on-demand, self-help experience inside Microsoft Teams. Whatfix Assist enables users to search for and share content with others by aggregating content distributed across multiple repositories such as Microsoft SharePoint, Atlassian Confluence and Salesforce Service Cloud,” says Vara Kumar, co-founder and CPTO, Whatfix.

Enable your frontline: Bsharp Corp aids organizations run KPI-based contests, guarantees continuous understanding, collects field reports—all the frontline enablement needs—through one effortless-to-use platform. Companies have seen 91% frontline engagement employing Bsharp. Compatible with Windows, Android, or iOS devices, the app supports content in a number of languages. “We do not see working and learning as two different activities—they have to be deeply interconnected,” says Gopal Swaminathan, CEO, Bsharp Sales Enablers. “Microsoft Teams is where a lot of the modern work happens. With Microsoft Teams, we have built a comprehensive tool that enables organisations to train, engage, and equip the frontline workforce. Bsharp is easy to deploy, use and manage and we are pleased to see the impact that we have created with the support from Microsoft,” he adds.

Harness expertise: WittyParrot makes use of automation to assist curate, tag, index, and contextualise the enterprise expertise repositories, and make them accessible at the fingertips of expertise workers to boost the general organisational productivity. Sales, presales, HR, legal and assistance teams, across more than 200 organizations, employing the app have succeeded in lowering the time to retrieve and use essential info. Using WittyParrot expertise workers invest upto 15-20 hours significantly less per month attempting to obtain and repurpose info, as compared to 28-40 hours earlier.

“Our contextual widgets, complemented by our patented AI & ML powered search algorithms, have helped our customers gain up to 10X productivity when it comes to knowledge worker use cases like information retrieval and reuse, knowledge management and document lifecycle automation,” informs Girish Karachiwala, CTO, Witty Parrot. “A 360-degree support from Microsoft has helped our product evolve and mature into a platform acceptable by large enterprise customers across various verticals, thereby accelerating us in achieving our goals.”

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz