InfiniGods launches InfiniMerge Web3 building game set in ancient Greece

InfiniGods, a Web3 gaming studio founded by social and mobile industry veterans, today announced the public launch of InfiniMerge, a free-to-play merge game built with blockchain technology.

The game is set in an ancient Greek landscape with a focus on building and adventure. It’s the first fruit of InfiniGods’ $9 million in seed funding from Pantera Capital, Framework Ventures and Animoca Brands.

InfiniGods is led by cofounders Owen O’Donoghue, former director of gaming at Facebook (Meta), and Damon Gura, former CEO and board member at DGN Games.

Since coming out of beta, InfiniMerge has attracted more than 1,000 players with a day-one retention rate above 40% percent and a day 7 retention rate of 10%. Those are higher retention rates than similar puzzle games, with non-fungible token (NFT holders) in particular playing more often than non-NFT holders.

InfiniGods’ Elder Gods Grid.

The company describes InfiniMerge as a fresh take on casual puzzle games inspired by Candy Crush, Triple Town and City Block. With InfiniMerge, players are given new levels inspired by the legends and characters of a particular mythos.

“Merge games are popular for their simple mechanics and straightforward progression, and InfiniMerge combines all this with Web3 elements like digital collectibles and play-to-own rewards,” said Gura, in a statement. “We believe that Web3 gaming will only reach its potential if games are fun and accessible, and that’s the objective we’ve sought to achieve with InfiniMerge.”

Early metrics show that gamers who participated in InfiniGods’ recent Elder Gods NFT drop have a higher return rate than non-NFT holders. These players have used their “God Powers” more than 2,000 times in two weeks in the InfiniMerge universe, with usage increasing over time as more players understand the in-game value of digital collectibles.

Players can also generate their own in-game power ups (followers) and either use them for their own gameplay or trade them to other players in the Game. This in-game, player-driven economy has already seen over 100 NFTs minted and sold in the first two weeks as players either play to earn or play for fun.

InfiniMerge also benefits from the instant feedback loop that’s become a unique advantage of Web3 gaming. A dedicated Discord support channel has helped InfiniGods developers identify bugs and implement quick improvements based on community feedback.

“In Web2 gaming, community feedback can take months or even years to implement. Now in the Web3 era, we can instantly iterate on games based on real-time feedback from players, which is a huge advantage for community-building in the metaverse,” said O’Donoghue, in a statement. “Detailed feedback from InfiniMerge players has allowed us to rapidly enhance gameplay, and we look forward to leveraging this killer feature to continue upgrading the user experience.”

To further engage a diverse audience of Web3 gamers, InfiniGods recently introduced Community Merge, selecting one popular project per calendar quarter to be developed as an interactive, playable experience on InfiniMerge by leveraging existing assets. Its first playable Community Merge level is Wolf Game.

InfiniGods makes free-to-play Web3 games centered around ancient mythologies and civilizations. The company’s mission is to make Web3 gaming accessible and enjoyable for everyone while giving people the opportunity to own their in-game assets and boosting the player-owned economy.

Shipwright Egypt in InfiniGods
Shipwright Egypt

InfiniGods allows players to win valuable gameplay rewards, like power-ups and boosts, simply by participating and leveling up. The scarcity of digital collectibles shapes gameplay by enabling unique actions and rewards.

Founded in 2022, InfiniGods is based in Austin, Texas.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz