India’s web download speed continues to enhance, shows Ookla’s June Speedtest Global Index

Internet Download Speed in India: Ookla’s Speedtest Global Index for June has shown that the web speeds in India, for each mobile and fixed broadband connections, is continuing to enhance. The typical mobile download speed in India witnessed a 16.3% month-on-month rise, going from 15.34Mbps in May to 17.84Mbps in June. Not only that, but the fixed broadband web speed on an typical witnessed a 4.53% enhance as compared to May, going from 55.65Mbps to 58.17Mbps. What’s more is that these web speeds for each mobile connection and fixed broadband connection recorded in June marked the highest for India on the Global Index.

As per the information for June on the Ookla Speedtest Global Index, India rose up to quantity 122, recording a rise of six locations, for mobile web speeds, although it elevated 3 locations to attain 70th position for broadband download speeds. Ookla also mentioned that this marked the third consecutive rise by India in the international index for its mobile web speed, adding that India has been witnessing constant improvements in the all round web speeds for the previous two months.

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As per the specifics of the mobile download speed in India shared by Ookla, although the nation witnessed a important month-to-month enhance in the speed, it also saw a enormous annual jump. As compared to June 2020, June 2021 saw an enhance of 46.71% in the web download speed, going from 12.16Mbps to 17.84Mbps. As far as the upload speed is concerned for mobile networks, it elevated by 18.85% annually, to go from 4.35Mbps in June 2020 to 5.17Mbps in June 2021. The June 2021 figure was also a 2.38% enhance the 5.05Mbps upload speed in May this year.

The nation also saw a dip in the typical latency price on mobile networks, going down from 50 milliseconds in May to 48 milliseconds in June. Not only that, but the typical jitter price also declined from 48 milliseconds in May to 43 milliseconds last month.

When it comes to international ranking, UAE led the mobile web download speed ranking with an typical speed of 193.51Mbps in June, and it was followed by South Korea at 180.48Mbps.

As far as fixed broadband connections are concerned, the typical download speed saw an annual enhance of 52.32%, going from 38.19Mbps in June last year to 58.17Mbps last month. Meanwhile, the upload speed for fixed broadband in India elevated 59.06% annually, going from 34.22Mbps in June last year to 54.43Mbps last month, which also meant an enhance of 3.97% as compared to the 52.35Mbps upload speed recorded in May this year. However, the broadband latency price did enhance in India by one millisecond to attain 17 millisecond in June.

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