India to have 810 million smartphone subscriptions by end of this year: Ericsson

The number of smartphone subscriptions in the country is expected to reach 810 million by the end this year and is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7%, reaching over 1.2 billion by 2027, Swedish telecom gear maker Ericsson said in its latest mobility report.

According to the report, smartphone subscriptions accounted for 70% of total mobile subscriptions in 2021 and are projected to constitute around 94% in 2027, driven by rapid smartphone adoption in the country. 5G will represent around 39% of mobile subscriptions in India at the end of 2027, estimated at about 500 million subscriptions, the mobility report said.

As per the findings, 4G is expected to remain the dominant technology in the country in 2027, however the 4G subscriptions are forecast to drop from 790 million in 2021 to 710 million in 2027, showing an annual average decline of 2%. Thus, 4G subscriptions are expected to reduce from 68% of mobile subscriptions in 2021 to 55% in 2027 as subscribers migrate to 5G.

As per Ericsson, the reliance on mobile networks to stay connected and work from home has contributed to the average traffic per smartphone increasing to 18.4 GB per month in 2021, up from 16.1 GB per month in 2020.
The average traffic per smartphone in the India region is the second-highest globally and is projected to grow to around 50 GB per month in 2027. Total mobile data traffic in India has grown from 9.4 EB per month in 2020 to 12 EB per month in 2021 and is projected to increase by more than 4 times to reach 49 EB per month in 2027.

According to Nitin Bansal, head of Ericsson India & head of network solutions for Southeast Asia, Oceania and India, Ericsson “5G will serve as a socio-economic multiplier for the country and we are preparing the communication service providers for a seamless introduction of 5G in the country based on our global deployment experience, our innovative and competitive 5G portfolio as well as the 5G trials we are doing with Indian operators to showcase the possibilities with 5G.”

Ericsson recently carried out 5G trials with Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz