ImmutableX adds 15 blockchain games to its Web3 platform

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ImmutableX has added 15 games to the collection of blockchain titles that it powers with its Web3 platform.

Immutable, the Sydney, Australia company that created the ImmutableX Layer 2 scaling solution on Ethereum, said that big Web3 projects are either launching or migrating to its platform.

These range from the playable triple-A game Delysium to DC Comics’ superheroes like Batman and Superman. As a Layer 2 solution, ImmutableX can lower the costs and speed up the transactions on the Ethereum blockchain network, the company says. It also offers greater stability, scalability and security — and those are the reasons projects are moving over.

Cross the Ages, Delysium, and Ember Sword were initially developed on Ethereum scaling platform Polygon but ultimately chose ImmutableX, Immutable said.

Gods Unchained

Delysium is a play-and-earn massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Set in a dynamically generated, AI-powered open-world experience, the playable game is player-owned and allows gamers to become a full-fledged part of its ecosystem, Immutable said.

Meanwhile, the collapse of the Terra Network saw games like Deviants’ Factions, Undead Blocks, Tatsumeeko, and StarHeroes move to ImmutableX. Nifty League moved from Ethereum Layer-1. Developers have found migration a simple task, noting that they could easily implement Immutable APIs for a vertically-integrated “one-stop shop” solution, Immutable said.

cross the ages
Cross the Ages

Projects porting over to ImmutableX also cite the need for a fully dedicated gaming chain that benefits from the network effects of Ethereum while incurring little to no gas fees or debilitating transaction latency.

Serving as another draw for projects, Immutable launched a $500 million developer and venture investment fund in June, the company said. The fund was designed to accelerate the growth of the ImmutableX protocol by providing investment support and blockchain gaming expertise, including direct access to advisory for tokenomics, game design, and community and marketing support.

ImmutableX is also attracting brand new projects in addition to those migrating from other ecosystems. In March, Cartamundi and Warner Bros. Consumer Products announced the launch of new hybrid physical and NFT trading cards based on legendary superheroes such as Batman and Superman — with their digital parts minted on ImmutableX.

Guild of Guardians
Guild of Guardians

And in August, Belarusian-American entrepreneur and internet personality Gary Vaynerchuk — creator of NFT collection VeeFriends — revealed a series of gamified Book Games on ImmutableX.

“So many top-tier Web3 projects choosing to build on ImmitableX is great recognition for what we’re building — and we’re just getting started,” said Robbie Ferguson, president of Immutable, in a statement. “I’m very excited by the caliber of projects partnering with Immutable and the pace at which they’re joining. As Immutable brings the next billion players to web3, continuing to build the most scalable, secure and developer-friendly network will be crucial in enabling builders to bring their creative visions to life.”

The company’s own Immutable Games Studio has served as a petri dish for the platform over the past four years. Its games included legacy title Gods Unchained and the upcoming Guild of Guardians.

Immutable X takes games to the blockchain.
Immutable X takes games to the blockchain.

“We’re witnessing a demand for security, stability, and scalability in the industry, which is why many partners are joining ImmutableX. Our gas-free and carbon-neutral environment, 99.99% network uptime, and vertically integrated APIs for game studios deliver dependability, streamlined integration, and an overall better user experience for gamers. We believe this trend will continue as the web3 industry grows,” said Ferguson. “That’s why we go beyond infrastructure solutions, offering additional advisory services, white glove launch and post-launch assistance, and a world-class support team.”

ImmutableX leverages ZK roll-up technology from Starkware. And it is the platform for Web3 games such as Guild of Guardians, Illuvium, Embersword, Planet Quest and many more.

Immutable has 320 people. ImmutableX is open source, and so it has hundreds of games that are building on the platform, ranging all the way from small independent stage projects right up to high-end games like Delysium.

The company has a $500 million developer fund to support Web3 gaming innovation and enabling the next generation of Web3 gaming at scale. It has a partnership with GameStop for its NFT marketplace.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz