How Zowie Diagnostics aims to refresh consumer service chatbots with AI

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As widespread as they might look, Maja Shaefer thinks AI-powered consumer service chatbots are underrated. That’s mainly because for lots of enterprise technologies choice-makers, she says, chatbots lost their luster years ago when corporations attempted implementing them just before the underlying artificial intelligence tech was as mature as it is today.

When it comes to conversational AI, shoppers are undoubtedly prepared for any impending revolution. According to a survey from LivePerson, 71% of shoppers say that they are more most likely to acquire from a organization that presents chat-based consumer service messaging. By next year, Gartner predicts, 70% of white collar workers will interact with conversational AI platforms on a every day basis.

“Chatbot adoption is still low,” mentioned Shaefer, cofounder and CEO of AI-powered consumer service SaaS startup Zowie. “One reason is that companies already tried them in the past and failed because it was super-hard to start, and hard to train them.”

Now that AI technologies like machine mastering and organic language processing are more sophisticated, chatbots are capable of becoming a great deal smarter, more responsive, and less difficult to train than they had been a decade ago. Shaefer thinks it is time for the skeptics to give consumer service chatbots — and AI-powered business enterprise automation more typically — a second likelihood.

Naturally, Shaefer hopes the skeptics will give her company’s tool a whirl. Zowie, which not too long ago announced an integration with Zendesk and received a $600,000 seed round last year, presents a plug-and-play consumer service automation tool employed by notable brands like L’Oréal, Aviva, and Avon. With minimal work for the finish-user, the startup promises, Zowie will zap consumer service bottlenecks and automate 30% of incoming consumer inquiries inside the very first 24 hours right after implementation.

Automating consumer service

Whether or not brands eventually use Zowie’s item, Shaefer and her group hope to evangelize on behalf of the energy of AI-powered consumer service automation more broadly. That’s why the organization just launched Zowie Diagnostics, a free of charge business enterprise analytics dashboard that aims to give corporations a very first-hand look at the worth of AI-powered automation just before taking the plunge on a consumer service automation platform like Zowie or one of its lots of competitors.

“We developed technology that analyzes your data and shows you the status of your customer service,” Shaefer mentioned. “Zowie Diagnostics lets you detect how you can improve your customer service and what you should automate. You can easily track what’s easy to automate, what’s not easy to automate.”

Image Credit: Zowie

Once plugged into your company’s consumer service portal — be it Zendesk, Intercom, Freshworks, or one more one of the lots of Zowie-integrated platforms out there — Zowie Diagnostics will supply a extensive bird’s-eye view of your consumer service operation, full with higher-level analytics, sleek information visualizations, and certain, actionable ideas for how to increase points.

Using proprietary AI smarts based in portion on organic language processing, Zowie bulk-analyzes the contents of information sources like consumer service tickets and chats to realize what shoppers are saying and how properly the organization is meeting their requirements. In addition to best-level metrics like the typical quantity of tickets per agent and standard response time, Zowie Diagnostics will also break down helpful particulars like what percentage of consumer concerns are repetitive and what instances of day the group is most overtaxed.

Chart that reads "After hours, customers aren't getting the help they need. 28% of your chats start outside working hours."

Image Credit: Zowie

More than just an analytics dashboard oozing with stats and charts, Zowie Diagnostics makes use of this bulk information evaluation to contact out certain consumer practical experience shortcomings — and serve up suggestions for how to repair them.

“This is all about aligning customer support and customer experience,” Shaefer mentioned. “Right now, in almost every company, these are two separate teams. They should be aligned because both of these teams serve your customers.”

For Zowie, the ultimate objective of this new free of charge providing is apparent: Propel more IT choice-makers in the path of Zowie’s item for their conversational AI requirements. But irrespective of whether they develop into a paying Zowie consumer, Shaefer and her group hope customers of Zowie Diagnostics at least see the energy that AI-powered automation to transform consumer service and recognize one undeniable truth: The chatbots are coming, irrespective of whether you like it or not.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz