How Voice of Crypto Garnered 15Mn Global Users to Become the Voice Of Web3, Blockchain and Crypto

In less than a year, a crypto news agency gathered a massive followership of 15 Million users. That, too, in less than a year.

New Delhi (India), September 4: Well, Voice Of Crypto’s story is one that defies all odds and beats the crypto bears. Launched at the end of 2021, Voice Of Crypto saw tremendous growth despite the larger bearish blues in the Web3 market. 

In a year when most others shut down their shop as they were too scared of venturing into the Crypto Winter, Voice Of Crypto not just functioned but excelled. 

The question remains: How did Voice Of Crypto manage to do it?

Well, this is Voice Of Crypto’s story of determination, passion and true commitment to the philosophies of building a better and well-informed future of Web3.

Birth and Surviving the Worst Phases of Crypto Winter

The world witnessed the catastrophic collapse of Terra LUNA during the early summer of 2022. 

Crypto layoffs were starting, and suddenly, everyone realized that the near future for crypto as a whole ecosystem was in danger. Several crypto entities either shut down their operations or just retained bare essentials. 

Towards the end of 2021, as the market rejoiced in fresh gains, Voice of Crypto took birth as serial entrepreneur Abhishek Singh laid the path for Voice Of Crypto’s inception in the market. 

Abhishek’s quest for web3 enthusiasts led him to the current Editor-in-Chief, Varuni Trivedi, who had web3 media industry experience of over 3 years back in 2021. 

Right after its conception, Voice of Crypto had to face brutal market conditions where almost all of its peers lost revenue. Being new, the founders had to endure the operational cost from their own funds.

Surviving such harsh conditions was akin to the survival of an infant in a desert.

During the worst days of the crypto winter, Voice of Crypto doubled down on its commitment towards building an impartial platform for everyone who seeks information on Web3.

Upon asking how they survived in the tough phases of crypto winter when almost all other websites, agencies and bureaus were shutting down, Varuni from Voice Of Crypto replied:

“Every web3 entrepreneur’s worst nightmare is a bear market. We at VoiceOfCrypto, however were not as scared of the bear market as we saw the time as a perfect opportunity to assess, scale up, grow, and build our brand. While the bear market was surely tough, and we are still not back to the glory days, web3 and blockchain technology would continue to grow despite the short-term hurdles.

It is true that the difference between winners and losers is their commitment towards their goals. Several other websites, which were well-funded, decided to shut down or pause operations. Some of them never resumed because there was too much to catch upon.

Yet, Voice of Crypto stayed determined in its commitment to excellence.

The Motivation behind Voice of Crypto

Upon being asked where they see the future of Voice of Crypto during its birth and what uniqueness it brings to the table, Trivedi responded with: 

“We wanted to bridge the gap between users and producers as you know, most websites are backed by top web3 firms and function more or less like centralized media.” 

Being led by the Trivedi. Voice of Crypto boasts a gigantic user base of 15 Million across the globe. All of it is built upon solid hard work. 

Further, the team has also responded to the question of what uniqueness Voice of Crypto has as compared to its peers in the industry.

“We aim to be independent of the market so that true journalism stands out; while our current model is pretty similar to most firms’, we aim to move to a decentralized media model soon.”

Aiming for a More Powerful Future

Currently, almost 8-9 months after the darkest time of crypto winter, similar situations have arrived. The markets have a slightly negative sentiment on the prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Yet, Voice of Crypto and its team are enthusiastic about the future.

Responding to a question on the future of current crypto markets, the team said that:

“While our name is Voice of Crypto, Voice of Crypto is the voice of not just crypto but web3, Blockchain and everything else that comes under the umbrella. We believe the future of Web3 is bright. The adoption has already kicked the number of Blockchain implementations globally in private as well as public operations is rising.” 

Corroborating it with on-chain data, it is surely clear that cryptocurrencies are witnessing massive accumulation, with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple (XRP) leading the accumulation wave. The below graph by Glassnode shows that addresses holding more than 1 Bitcoin reached an all-time high.

Amidst this massive accumulation, Voice of Crypto has multiplied its efforts towards securing partnerships with leading crypto platforms. This leaves no doubt that not only do they talk about crypto but also follow its core principles and use it as a guidance for their future.