How to use Steam’s FPS counter

If you want to know what frame rates your Steam games are running at, there are many third-party programs out there to help. But if all you need is a very basic counter and you don’t care about other hardware stats, you don’t need to download any of these — you can use a feature that’s built right into Steam.

Here’s how to set up Steam’s built-in FPS counter for your PC.

I go with the top left, myself.

  • Open Steam.
  • Go to Steam > Settings > In-Game.
  • Under In-game FPS counter, select the corner where you’d like the counter to appear. You can also check High contrast color if you prefer.
  • Click Ok.

Now, go ahead and start your game. You should see the frame rate your game is running at displayed in the corner that you specified.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz