HeyRenee is the next home overall health care startup for Heal founders

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HeyRenee has raised $3.8 million for a private overall health care concierge — the most recent home overall health care small business from the founders of Heal.

Husband and wife group Renee Dua and Nick Desai began Heal in 2014 following a negative knowledge in an emergency area with their son. They designed a startup that let physicians make property calls to see patients in their properties or by way of remote telemedicine appointments. Mobile overall health care became a large trend in the course of the pandemic and grew to serve patients in a quantity of stages.


Over seven years, Heal raised more than $120 million. But Desai began pondering about what he wanted to do next and left in March. Dua stayed on longer to finish up her work as the company’s chief health-related officer. Then she also left. For a time, they focused on taking care of their family, and then they began pondering about their next startup.

That’s exactly where HeyRenee comes in. It’s a service that has related vibes to Heal in that it focuses on patients and working with digital technologies to provide greater overall health care. In this case, HeyRenee focuses on assisting the elderly, the underserved, these with chronic overall health situations, and other people handle their patient care. The aim is to use the concierge service to tie collectively all of the patients’ health-related desires — from prescriptions to medical professional visits — by way of one digital helper.

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Open platform

Los Angeles-based HeyRenee will be an open platform that will at some point work with every single provider, companion, and point remedy to curate the essential mixture of services for every patient’s particular desires.

Quiet Capital led the oversubscribed $3.8 million funding round, with Mucker Capital, Fika Ventures, Tau Ventures, Global Founders Capital, and SaaS Venture Capital also participating. HeyRenee is working with seed proceeds to curate digital overall health partners, make a group of item and engineering leaders, and win early buyers.

Dua, a practicing nephrologist, stated in a statement that it is “impossibly difficult for all of us, certainly older, sicker Americans, to follow the many instructions from their doctors.” She stated these guidelines are the recipe for major happier, healthier lives, but folks want support managing them.

She added that HeyRenee’s aim is to make some thing to ultimately slow the progression and exploding charges of quickly treated chronic ailments, like obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and mental overall health troubles, by easing the burden of managing overall health care.

About 85% of the folks who made use of telehealth solutions in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 had a household earnings more than $150,000. However, the accurate prospective of the digital overall health revolution is to transform care for these with the fewest monetary sources, the enterprise stated. HeyRenee aims to do that by demystifying and integrating previously disconnected point options and providers to work collectively in a information-driven symphony for a delightfully quick patient-centric knowledge, Desai stated.

Nick Desai is cofounder of HeyRenee.

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Health care helper

HeyRenee intends to ease the burden of overall health care coordination — from appointment scheduling, in-home services, and medication delivery to telehealth and the monitoring of symptoms and important indicators by way of one quick-to-use app. HeyRenee will not provide an actual private caretaker to care for a particular patient, but such a caretaker may well use HeyRenee to handle a patient’s care, Desai stated.

Tau Ventures managing companion Amit Garg stated in a statement that his firm invests in AI-very first corporations and that possessing a moat about information is crucial. He touted the founders’ knowledge and stated her believes HeyRenee will support increase the lives of patients.

And the founders reminded us that the small business is private. In the aftermath of a surgery on her father that had complications, Dua saw his memory was considerably impacted. He had new cognitive issues for the reason that the hospital remain wiped him out. She became his caretaker and is bringing this information to HeyRenee for the reason that she believes every person desires a “Renee” as a greatest buddy on their overall health care journey.

The platform is anticipated to launch in 2022.

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