Happinet to publish Quillo Games’ Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale

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Japanese publisher Happinet has partnered with Quillo Games on their debut title — Apopia: Sugar Coated Tale. The game follows Mai, a young girl who falls down a hole and finds herself stuck in a fantasy world.

Mai has an idea!

As Mai, you find yourself torn between the fantasy world and the dark world of your memories. Obstacles abound as you travel back and forth between the two existences. Relying on your wit instead of violence, you have to turn this apocalypse into a utopia. Luckily, you meet a cast of fun animal friends who help you along the way.

Apopia will be the first worldwide release for Happinet under their newest label: Happinet Indie Collection. The game, which releases in the summer of 2023, has a demo out now on Steam. Apopia: Prologue gives players a taste of the gameplay while setting the stage for the game’s full release.

Mai hanging out with Moly and Nico.

For those who are curious about Apopia’s backstory, Quillo has released a short film about the game world. Launching simultaneously with the demo, Apopia: The Broken Crown follows the life of one of your new friends, Moly. Once the princess of Yogurt, Moly is betrayed and loses her crown before she meets Mai.

Check out the Apopia website for updates and more information in the coming months.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz