Half of Americans fake sick days — so what’s the solution?

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Answer honestly: have you ever faked a sick day from work so you could do something a little more fun? For those who said yes, rest assured that there’s safety in numbers. In fact, almost 50% of Americans surveyed have admitted to faking a sick day at one point during their career.

Reasons vary, but some of the more light-hearted excuses include attending a family event (29%), personal appointments (23%) and going on vacation (12%) but overall, employees taking sick days results in 1.5 million Americans, on average, missing work due to illness, real of otherwise, each month –costing the economy millions of dollars.

Research from Statista shows that the U.S. ranks last in terms of the amount of paid time off it grants its workers — including bank holidays and vacation days — with the average worker entitled to only 10 days off per annum.

By comparison, U.K. workers receive on average 37 paid days off each year while the French aren’t far behind, giving workers 36 days PTO. Which means, for the 12% of Americans who aren’t entitled to any paid vacation days at all, the reason for faking a sick day may be more akin to avoiding burnout than going to the beach.


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If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that burnout is very real and tends to increase when people are working from home as there’s no clear differentiation between work and play. The most obvious solution to avoiding burnout is to take time off work, but when your time off remains unpaid, that’s not the easiest solution.

Even if you are granted vacation days, the extra pressure and responsibilities being put on workers as a result of The Great Resignation can make it difficult to take allocated leave. In fact, last year one in four Americans surrendered their annual leave to continue working, which may well be why 79% of Americans have experienced work-related stress.

What options are available to workers who want access to additional paid days off? Well, simply put, look for a new job.

If your current employers offer the bare minimum in terms of statutory paid time off, then you’re unlikely to ever see a change there. Which means moving roles is the best solution. We’ve selected three roles to look at below, and for more browse the Venturebeat Job Board yourself.

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