Google rolls out Gmail redesign to make iPhone, iPad settings simpler

Tech giant Google has rolled out a Gmail redesign to make iOS settings simpler.

Gmail settings on iPhone and iPad have been redesigned by starting with the elimination of the General and accounts separation, reports 9To5Google.

The preference list starts by separating settings for Chat and Meet, allowing users to swiftly turn off those tabs.

Additionally, colourful icons are used to draw attention to each element.

The ‘Notifications’ section has high-level controls, whereas the ‘Inbox’ and ‘Compose and Reply’ sections are quite simple. Lastly, there is a ‘General’ section.

Even though it is exclusive to iOS, it is a fantastic redesign of Gmail’s settings that might come to Android.

It is easier to use and similar to Chrome for iOS preferences, the report said.

Earlier, the company had launched a pilot programme to keep political campaign emails out of spam folders for Gmail users.

The programme allowed candidates, political party committees and leadership political action committees to apply for spam folder exemptions.

“Google had come under fire that its algorithms unfairly target conservative content across its services, and that its Gmail service filters more Republican fundraising and campaign emails to spam,” a report mentioned.

Google allowed candidates and political party committees to apply for its programme that made their messages exempted from Gmail’s spam detection systems.



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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz