Google releases its text-to-music AI tool ‘MusicLM’ to Android, iOS users

Google has released “MusicLM” — a new experimental AI tool that can generate high-fidelity music in any genre given a text description.

The tool was first announced in January this year and is now available to the public.

The text-to-music AI tool is available in the AI Test Kitchen app on the web, Android or iOS.

“Starting today, you can sign up to try it in AI Test Kitchen on the web, Android or iOS. Just type in a prompt like acesoulful jazz for a dinner party” and MusicLM will create two versions of the song for you. You can listen to both and give a trophy to the track that you like better, which will help improve the model,” Google said in a blogpost on Wednesday.

The tech giant also said that it has been working with musicians like Dan Deacon (an American composer and electronic musician) and hosting workshops to see how this technology can empower the creative process.

Moreover, Google has also introduced “Project Gameface” — a new open-source hands-free gaming mouse that enables users to control a computer’s cursor using their head movement and facial gestures.

People can raise their eyebrows to click and drag or open their mouths to move the cursor, making it possible for anyone to pursue gaming.

The project was inspired by the story of quadriplegic video game streamer Lance Carr, who lives with muscular dystrophy, a progressive disease that weakens muscles, the company said.



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