Google Maps’ new feature shows arrival time, true-time updates for Delhi DTC buses, verify specifics

In a positive development for Delhites, Google Maps has released a new true-time bus service details feature. The new feature will equip the bus passengers in the city with the most current status and arrival time of their bus at the bus cease. Many instances, Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) city buses get stuck in visitors forcing the clueless passengers to wait at the bus cease for hours. With the new feature of the Google maps, passengers will be capable to track their buses on their smartphone and strategy their commutation schedule. Google Maps is reported to have got in touch with Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System (DIMTS), Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) Delhi, Lepton Software in addition to the Transport division of the Delhi government to create the most current feature.

Elaborating on the usability of the new feature, the firm stated that the feature will not only inform passengers about the appropriate bus in accordance with the searcher location but also inform them about the precise arrival time of the bus. Among further features, the feature will inform the passengers about the estimated time their journey to a unique location will take along with notifying if the bus is operating on its schedule or otherwise. Moreover, just like the Google Maps updates the directions in accordance with the alter in visitors and other situations on the path of the location.

How to use new Google Maps feature
1. Users really should open Google Maps on their android or iOS device.
2. After opening the Google Maps, customers really should enter their location and their present place.
3. Upon getting into their location and supply place, customers will have to have to tap ‘transit’ icon which will show time, bus numbers, pathways to the location and true-time details.
4. Passengers can tap on one of the listed routes and other bus-stops on their route. Once the user has tapped on the listed bus-stops, the feature will show arrival time for distinct buses at the selected bus cease.

The firm at the time of the launch of the feature stated that more such initiatives are in the offing for enhancing public transport in other cities.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz