Google launches 4 generative artificial intelligence consulting offerings

Google on Thursday launched four new generative AI consulting offerings designed to help customers activate their AI deployments.

The offerings will help customers use AI to discover trends within their company data using AI-enhanced search engines and assistive experiences, summarise information from large volumes of content, automate time-consuming and expensive business processes, and assist in creating new content that’s more personalised.

“These new offerings can give customers hands-on experiences with production-ready AI solutions using their own data and aligned with practical use cases for their organisations. They are designed to help organisations quickly implement generative AI solutions relevant to their businesses,” Google said in a blogpost.

Moreover, Google Cloud Consulting is launching a series of learning journey targeted at different audiences available at no cost.

According to the company, these high-touch training will help c-suite leaders of top global companies reap the full, transformative benefits of generative AI while maintaining responsible development and deployment.

In addition, the tech giant is launching their first set of new sample reference architectures and business-oriented workflows for a variety of business processes and industry-specific use cases.

The initial blueprints are intended to help customers jumpstart their generative AI work, and include frameworks for business processes such as improving developer efficiency and accelerating content creation in marketing, as well as industry, use cases in financial services, retail, automotive, healthcare and media.



Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz