Google ends support for first-generation Chromecast from 2013: Report

Google has ended the support for first-generation Chromecast from 2013 and said there will be no more software or security updates.

“Support for Chromecast (1st gen) has ended, which means these devices no longer receive software or security updates, and Google does not provide technical support for them. Users may notice a degradation in performance,” according to Google’s support page.

According to 9to5Gogole, first-generation Chromecasts looked like keys with an HDMI port on the right and a micro USB port for power and an adapter on the left. “Chrome” and the browser’s logo were printed on the top.

It was an inexpensive workaround for getting video streaming apps on TVs in an era when many people had yet to make the switch to smart TVs, costing only $35.

Moreover, the report mentioned that the tech giant followed the Chromecast with a second-generation model two years later that was puck-shaped.

The 3rd-gen model arrived in 2018.

Meanwhile, Google has introduced a new live TV experience, letting users browse more than 800 free TV channels across multiple providers in 10 languages, including Hindi.

Users can also tune in to channels from around the world, with programming in more than 10 languages, including Spanish, Hindi and Japanese.




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Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz