Google announces two new features for Messages for Indian customers: Check right here

Google Messages: Search engine giant Google has announced new features for its Messages app for Android customers in India in an try to make navigation in the app “easier and clutter-free”. For this objective, two new features that would be rolled out in the next couple of weeks in India. Google has decided to add a feature of categories in the Messages app, along with a feature that would automatically delete OTPs 24 hours immediately after the customers get them. These features would initially be rolled out only with help for English, and customers getting Android phones operating on Android 8 or newer OS would get them.

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Google Messages: Categories for organisation

Borrowing a leaf from Apple’s book, Google will now be rolling out a feature that would automatically categorise the users’ messages into distinctive categories with the enable of machine studying. As per the glimpse that Google has shared of the new feature, there would be one category “All” exactly where all the messages would be visible, and this would probably be the default category. There would be a couple of other categories like “Personal”, in which conversations with saved numbers would be listed, “Transactions”, exactly where all the messages connected to bills and bank transactions would be filtered, an “OTPs” tab, exactly where all the OTPs would be categorised, and there also appears to be an “Offers” tab, which could possibly be the category exactly where promotions are categorised. These tabs would be accessible at the major of the screen, a slight improvement more than the way Apple’s iMessage customers have to access such categories.

Automatic OTP deletion

Google is also bringing in a feature to automatically delete messages containing OTPs 24 hours immediately after the customers get them. However, this feature would require to be manually enabled by the customers when they get a prompt for the feature. This, Google mentioned, would save customers time because they would not have to delete such messages manually.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz