Good news for Wordle players! Google Search adds new Easter Egg for players; how to find it

Wordle has undoubtedly become a new internet sensation with more and more people participating in this new e-game. The five-lettered game has become an instant hit and has gained massive popularity among various age groups lately. Users, every day, wait for the new challenge/game each day which is only available in web format and not in app format.

For those who don’t know, Wordle is a free-to-play game where you need to guess a secret five-letter word. The crux here is, you will not be given more than six tries. The game can only be played on a dedicated website as mentioned earlier. Users don’t need to log in or register for this game.

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As the game becomes an instant hit among netizens, Google has come up with an Easter egg on its search page.

Wordle Easter egg on Google: Know how to access

On Google, as you search for “Wordle”, the Easter egg will appear on the top-left corner of the search result page. The Google logo will be replaced by an animated GIF consisting of the six-letter word.

The words that you will see on the GIF will come in different boxes-grey, yellow, green, inspired by Wordle. As per the rule of the game (Wordle), the grey boxes show letters that are not part of the day’s secret word while yellow boxes represent letters which are part of the game but are not placed in the right order. Green boxes show that the letters are placed correctly in order.

Players should take note of the fact that Wordle uses American English spellings. So there are certain words you might not even consider, such as “favor”, “color”, etc., that may have the right answers.

Wordle: Where did the game come from?

Wordle was started by Josh Wardle for him and his partner, who loves word games. Once the two played the game, he shared it with some relatives, who became obsessed with it. It was then that Wardle (yes, the game is a word play on his name!) opened it up to the rest of the world. In the beginning of November, about 90 people played this game and by the time January rolled around, more than 3 lakh people were already a fan of it.

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