Gears of War partners with Crisis Text Line

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Gears of War is partnering with Crisis Text Line in a move timed to coincide with Suicide Prevention Day. Gears of War is, of course, a Microsoft-owned franchise about large men and women fighting a world-ending invasion of monsters. Crisis Text Line, meanwhile, is a nonprofit which provides free, 24/7 mental health support through texting.

It’s not exactly an obvious teamup, at first glance.

To be fair, though, the Gears franchise is very much about squad tactics. It’s about getting knocked down and someone having your back to pick you back up so you can keep going. Which, if you squint, is what Crisis Text Line does.

The partnership is announcing an initiative tilted ‘Never Fight Alone.’ It’s trying to increase access to mental health support and suicide prevention services. It’s also got a t-shirt coming out, designed by Metallica artist Luke Preece.

The t-shirt is going to be sold on both the Xbox Gear Shop, and on Game Planet. All the proceeds from the sales are going straight to Crisis Text Line.

Anyone who has played a Gears game knows a huge number of the main characters suffer from PTSD, depression or other mental afflictions. Granted, the world the Gears games are set in is a dystopian hellhole. Dom committing suicide by driving a truck into a fuel depot and dying in a massive explosion might have been the only option available.

Thankfully for us, our world isn’t quite so bad yet. And we have resources to help us deal with loss and grief. 

Like, just for example, texting ‘PAUSE’ to 741741 to reach Crisis Text Line.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz