Fugue: 36% of organizations have suffered a critical cloud leak or breach in the last year

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A survey of 300 cloud engineering pros discovered that 36% of organizations suffered a critical cloud safety information leak or a breach in the previous 12 months. Eight out of ten are concerned they’re vulnerable to a main cloud information breach, and 64% say the trouble will get worse or stay the exact same more than the next year. The findings are component of The State of Cloud Security 2021 report, created by Fugue and Sonatype.

Image Credit: Fugue

As the scale of cloud environments grows, cloud teams say that dangers — and the challenges and charges of addressing them — are rising. The major causes of cloud misconfiguration are also a lot of APIs and interfaces to govern, cited by 32%, 31% cited a lack of controls and oversight, 27% cited a lack of policy awareness, and 32% cited group negligence. 21% are not checking Infrastructure as Code (IaC) prior to deployment, and 20% are not adequately monitoring their cloud atmosphere.

Cloud safety teams tasked with stopping and eliminating cloud misconfiguration vulnerabilities are struggling with a lot of familiar safety challenges, like false positives (cited by 27%), alert fatigue (21%) and human error (38%). 36% are discovering it tough to employ and retain cloud safety pros, and 35% cite challenges with education. Half say their teams are investing 50+ engineering hours per week to IaC safety, and a comparable investment is going to cloud runtime safety.

When asked what they will need to more proficiently handle cloud safety, 96% say getting one set of policies that functions for each IaC and the cloud runtime would be precious. 47% say they will need far better visibility into their cloud atmosphere, and 43% say that far better compliance auditing and reporting automation would support.

Fugue partnered with Sonatype to survey 300 DevOps, cloud, and safety engineers on cloud safety dangers, challenges, and organizational influence. The on the net survey was performed by Propeller Insights.

Read then complete report by Fugue and Sonatype right here.

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