From Android 12, Pixel Buds A-series to Google silicon, here’s almost everything to count on from Google I/O 2021 that kicks off on May 18

Google I/O keynote address: Search engine giant Google, which had cancelled its massive developer conference last year due to the pandemic, is set to hold the Google I/O keynote this year! The conference is scheduled for May 18, i.e. Tuesday, and it will commence at 10:30 pm (IST). Google has not revealed substantially as to what would be announced for the duration of the address, but as constantly, the rumour mill is operating wild with the achievable announcements that the tech giant could make.

The upcoming Android 12

We could in all probability discover more about the upcoming Android 12 as Google has a history of utilizing the Google I/O keynotes to detail out the next main version of Android, which this year is going to be the Android 12. While some updates getting brought in with Android 12 have currently been shared by Google, they have been either little tweaks or attributes that are developer-focused. However, in this conference we are most likely to get information about new user-oriented attributes. Rumour has it that some main adjustments in the user interface are going to be introduced with Android 12, like a new lock screen possessing a bigger clock or stacked widgets.

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Information about main Google services

This conference is also made use of by the tech giant to shed light on some of the new main attributes that it has brought to its services and software program. It would be affordable, as a result, to count on equivalent announcements this time as effectively. Earlier on, Google had made use of the Google I/O to highlight numerous new attributes in its services like the incognito mode on Google Maps, or new voices for Google Assistant. Some equivalent fascinating highlights could be unveiled in this keynote.

Affordable Pixel Buds A-Series

A handful of leaks from Google itself have currently revealed that the giant is working on economical Pixel Buds A-series correct wireless headphones. Maybe, the firm will lastly formally announce the solution at the keynote. In April this year, Google had sent a marketing and advertising e mail which consisted of a image of an unreleased pair of Pixel Buds. Moreover, earlier this month, on the official Android deal with on Twitter, Google shared a post announcing Pixel Buds A-Series, but the post was removed immediately.

Even as we know that the solution is getting worked upon via these leaks, substantially data about Pixel Buds A itself is not recognized. However, the truth that Google makes use of the moniker A for its more economical lineup in the Pixel phones indicates that Pixel Buds A-Series could be in the more economical variety of correct wireless headphones that the tech giant gives.

Debut of Pixel 5A?

In April, Google had officially announced the Pixel 5A 5G as it responded to reports that the phone had been cancelled due to shortage of components. But will the phone lastly debut?

Probably not. Google’s official announcement of the phone had stated that Pixel 5A 5G would be made offered in the US and Japan later this year and would be announced in line with the time at which the A-series phone was announced last year. Google had announced Pixel 4A, 4A 5G, and Pixel 5 in early August last year, and going by the statement, this would imply that we would nevertheless have to wait a tiny longer for Pixel 5A 5G. So if you had been hoping to catch a glimpse of the attributes and the phone, we are afraid that is not going to take place at the Google I/O.

The in-property custom processor

If the rumour mill is something to go by, the tech giant is building a custom-made program-on-a-chip for some upcoming models of Google Pixel, and this would mark the very first time the firm has taken a step in this path. It is achievable that Google could talk about what this could imply for Android developers as effectively as for potential purchasers of Pixel. The SoC is reportedly getting named the “GS101” chip and it would reportedly improve the efficiency for machine finding out applications. Rumours have also recommended that the very first phones equipped with this chip could be launched as early as this fall.

However, there is also a possibility that till the firm announces the actual phones which have been fitted with this SoC, Google would hold the processor and its information beneath wraps.

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