Former Twitter India head leaves start-up just six months after launch

Manish Maheshwari former head of Twitter India, will depart from his start-up, Invact Metaversity, following differences with co-founder Tanay Pratap and investors, the company’s official Twitter handle announced on Friday. Invact was founded just six months ago.

“I am moving out of Invact to first take a break for a few months and then pursue new opportunities. It is heart breaking for a founder to leave the startup, like a mother leav- ing her baby. I am going through the same emo- tion,” Maheshwari tweeted

“I have full trust in Tanay Pratap. I will be cheering from the sidelines for Invact to become the next unicorn and ultimately go for an IPO under his leadership,” he added. Invact Metaversity was started as an immersive university-like platform where students can experience a virtual-meets-real world. It is designed to facilitate the creation of communities and  ecosystems over the open web. “Invact will continue to build on its vision of accessible quality education for all. Wishing Manish all the best for the future. Goodbyes are always  hard,” Tanay Pratap tweeted.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz