Final Fantasy XVI will debut in the summer of 2023, here’s a new trailer

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan, today’s State of Play is for you. Today, Square Enix has revealed a bit more information about Final Fantasy XVI.

In the new trailer, we get our first glimpse of combat, which features high-speed real-time action that looks reminiscent of what Cloud and the gang get up to in Final Fantasy VII Remake. The trailer also features more of the mysterious Eikons, powerful monsters that resemble the summons of Final Fantasies of yore and seem to reside in human controllers called Dominants. It seems like befriending or fighting these Dominants will be at the heart of the game’s story.

Final Fantasy XVI was revealed in 2020 with a bloody trailer that was unlike anything the usually bright and hopeful series usually displays. The much-beloved Naoki Yoshida is the game’s creative director which gives fans of the series hope this single-player game will be more like critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV (which Yoshida also leads) and less like the critically disappointing but still brilliant Final Fantasy XV. Yoshida promised news about the game would come sometime in spring 2022 after the pandemic delayed its release schedule by six months. As a part of that promise, Yoshida said that Square Enix will open up interviews with the press in the coming months in hopes to share even more information about Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI is a PlayStation 5 exclusive and will launch in the summer of 2023.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz