Feature-packed earbuds better than segment peers

Chinese audio accessories maker EarFun is a lesser-known brand in India’s wireless earbuds market, but its Air Pro 3 wireless earbuds are capable of challenging peers from established brands such as OPPO, Realme, and Nothing. These feature up to 43dB hybrid Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and boast 11mm wool composite dynamic audio drivers. On top, there is support for multi-point connectivity. At Rs 6,799, the Air Pro 3 is cheaper than the Nothing Ear (2), which offers similar features. It is, however, a tad expensive compared to the recently launched wireless earbuds from OPPO and Realme. So how do these fare in everyday use? Let’s find out:


Similar to other TWS earbuds in this segment, the EarFun Air Pro 3 has a simple yet elegant design with matte finish on the capsule-shaped case. Though not compact, the case is lightweight and easy to carry. As for the earbuds, these are in-ear type with stem-based design. Unlike the case, the earbuds have glossy finish that is prone to dust accumulation and fingerprints marks. However, these offer a comfortable fit. The Air Pro 3 is IPX5 rated, making it resistant against low pressure water splashes.

Sound quality

The EarFun Air Pro 3 maintains the audio quality at all volume levels. ANC works well, and the earbuds offer a good listening experience even in a crowded background. The earbuds support smartphone app for personalised experience. In the app, there is an option to customise equaliser settings. Besides there are four presets with options for bass boost and treble boost. The app also allows switching ANC between three different modes with an option for ambient sound, which can also be accessed through touch control on the ear buds. The Air Pro 3 also has a low-latency mode, called the Game mode, which works well by reducing the delay for smooth experience especially while gaming.

Voice call quality

The noise cancelling feature does not work that well during phone calls, but the six-mic setup (three mics on each earbud) along with a stem design allows for decent voice clarity. That said, the Air Pro 3 works best in a limited noise environment for voice calls.


Pairing and connectivity

Pairing process for the Air Pro 3 is quick and easy, but these do not support Google Fast Pairing. Switching between multiple devices takes some time but auto reconnection to a previously paired device is seamless. However, the device sometimes gets disconnected while on call and needs to be paired again manually using the Bluetooth option on the phone.


The EarFun Air Pro 3 comes with four extra pairs of ear tips of different sizes, a short USB-C cable and an ear bud cleaning tool which is useful. Neither the buds nor the case has any tactile button on them but the touch button on both the ear buds works well while you get an ‘AI Voice assistant’ like response in your buds. The touch buttons on the Air Pro 3 are customisable through the EarFun Audio App, which is available for Android and iOS.


The battery life on the EarFun Air Pro 3 gives it an edge in the segment. The earbuds support USB-C fast wired charging and there is support for wireless charging too. A quick ten minutes charge gives around 1.5 hours of play time with ANC turned on. With full charge, the earbuds last longer than the claimed 45 hours in mixed usage.


At Rs 6,799, the EarFun Air Pro 3 is a better sounding pair of wireless earbuds, compared to peers, packed with premium features such as ANC, wireless charging, and multi-point connectivity. Although ANC is standard among audio devices in this segment, the long-lasting battery along with good sound quality is what gives these earbuds an edge over the competition.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz