Facebook Messenger gets ‘Shortcuts’ to allow users to send silent messages with commands

Facebook Messenger users can now use a new set of features that will let them issue commands in the chat window to perform tasks. This new set of features called Shortcuts can be used for functions like silently sending a message without notifying another user, notifying everyone in the group, or silently sending a message without notifying other users. One can also send GIFs and ASCII emoticons on Facebook Messenger. The Shortcut feature designed to make certain tasks easier with the one-word command is reminiscent of the now-defunct MSN Messenger’s ‘Eastern Egg’ commands.

The Shortcut features will be available on Android and iOS starting today. One of the Shortcuts is for @everyone to send a notification to all users in the chat. One can call a group member’s attention to a message by asking a question or as a reminder for an older message.

Users can also utilise shortcuts to message a user or a group without notifying them with a silent command. This comes in handy when friends belong to different time zones. Telegram has also introduced the feature to message friends silently in 2019.

Even when a new feature has been rolled out, certain Facebook Messenger features announced earlier this year are yet to be enabled for all users on the service. The Secret Conversations mode, which uses end-to-end encryption (E2EE) for chats, was announced in January. Emoji reactions, Screenshot alerts, Vanish mode, announced ahead of the company’s planned date to use E2EE for all chats on Messenger were announced but never implemented.

Meta is also working on adding commands that will let users send GIFs to other users and groups on Messenger using the /gif command. Users will also be able to use /shrug and /tableflip commands to send tableflip “(?°?°)?? ???” and shrug “¯_(?)_/¯” emoticons on Messenger.

Originally appeared on: TheSpuzz